Hair extensions are a luxury service that come with a slightly higher maintenance routine and schedule. Here's a little of what you can expect:

​At your consultation appointment we will color match, talk cost, and set a game plan.  You can expect to be in the salon every 6-8 weeks for maintenance appointments. 

The cost of the hair will be due in order for the hair to be purchased.

With proper hair care your hair will last you 8-12 months of wear.

Hair purchases are nonrefundable. 

Initial installs are for first time clients, new hair purchases, and an installs after taking a break from your hair.

Tightening appointments are the maintenance service needed to adjust the hair wefts back up to the scalp. 

If you cancel your initial install appointment, the hair becomes property of Mane 813.



Initial installs are for first time clients, new hair purchases, + an installs after taking a break from your hair.

Tightening is an appointment when the hair is already in, will be taken out, + put right back in.

If you are not receiving a color appointment the day of your install or move up, please come with freshly washed hair.


It's best to treat the purchased hair with the same care you give your hair growing from your scalp. I have created this guideline to help you care for your extensions with no damage, and assist with the longevity of your purchased hair.


Tightening appointments are scheduled every 6-8 weeks for the hair to be taken out, and put right back in.

Should you need to push out your tightening service, a charge may be applied for any matting, tangles, or other foreseen circumstances that come with a time extended service.


Using a silk or satin pillowcase will help not only with extension care, but your skin as well.


Always wash with a Salon Approved Shampoo + Conditioner. Eufora is a great brand to use, and is available for purchase at your visit. Your hair's longevity cannot + will not be guaranteed if you are not using salon professional products.

It is best to brush your hair to remove any tangles and prevent matting prior to shampooing your hair.

Shampoo gently around wefts, and the wefts themselves. Lift your wefts up to make sure above and under the hair is cleansed thoroughly.

When shampooing, only shampoo the scalp, not the entire length of the extensions just as you would your given hair.

Condition hair starting at the ends, and work up to your ears. It is best not to go all the way to the scalp, to prevent rapid oil production. I suggest keeping a wet brush or 

Air-drying hair is totally fine, but at least blow drying the tops of the hair wefts will make sure no moisture is left - potentially causing issues like lifting, beads slipping, or even mold.

Sleep in a low pony or braid using a loose hair tie.

​Brush your hair a minimum of twice. Example: when you wake up + before you go to bed. Hold the wefts of hair at the top and gently work from ends to scalp to detangle.


As the hair grows out, hold the top of the wefts to ensure you’re not pulling too rough.

Be aware: salt water, chlorine, and sunscreen can strip your color. When swimming, generously coat your hair in a leave-in treatment or conditioner all over and wear your hair in a tight pony or braid using a loose hair tie.

Extensions can discolor if they come in contact with sunscreen. To avoid discoloration apply conditioner and keep your hair up off your neck and back.

If/when you decide to take a break from your extensions your hair can be stored by Mane 813 in a climate controlled bag. It will be stored off site.