Hey love, my name is Brianna Young.


I am your FishHawk Invisible Bead® extension specialist and color guru with an adoration for lived-in dimensional color.


My passions behind the chair include listening to what you want, educating you on what to expect at each appointment, and how to care for it beyond my doors.


I strive to make women, much like yourself, feel beautiful on the outside - which tends to unleash inner confidence. Because we all know how fierce a woman is with fresh hair!


Because being green is like so fetch!

Mane 813 uses Eufora hair color and haircare. This line defines itself as beauty without compromise and believes we are the keepers of the Earth for our generations to come.


We share our belief in embracing sustainable practices throughout all aspects of our business and minimizing our environmental impact utilizing natural plant extracts and essential oils from renewable sources and that are biodegradable.